Friday, February 25, 2011

How Stupid Is It? I Can't Talk About It. I Gotta Blog About It. And Make a Record of My Heart.

Ok, so here's the deal. I'm not crazy. I'm not a stalker. (Well, not a dangerous one anyway.) I'm just a normal, happily married, 33-year-old lady-lawyer, who just happens to feel ... very passionate feelings for Weezer.

I wasn't always this way -- obsessed with Weezer, I mean. It started about 5 months ago -- Labor Day weekend 2010, to be exact. How it happened is somewhat still a mystery to me. But, the point is, it happened. And since then, it's been one deliriously happy, thrilling, unpredictable Weezer-adventure after another. I've been to 7 shows in the span of 5 months, met the band four times, traveled to Seattle, L.A., and Chicago, and met dozens of amazing, fun-loving, like-minded, passionate people from all over America and the world. :)

The point of this blog is to journal this amazing time in my life. And to share my love and my passion with my fellow Weezies. :) Twitter doesn't give me enough space to say everything I want to say about Weezer. Facebook has too many unsupportive haters (none of my friends share, understand, or support my passion). And can be a hostile place. So here we are. This is my Weezer story...


  1. I am shocked to know you've only been a superfan for 5 months!! Glad you finally updated and can't wait to read more :) and SO GLAD that all of us Weezies found each other!

  2. Haha, I just saw your latest blogpost. So funny! I was *this close* to calling this first blogpost the same thing!!!

  3. This is a great first post! Though now I think I am officially the oldest out of all of us ;P

  4. I want you to describe how you went from fan to super fan so fast!